Commercial Solar FAQ

Solar saves businesses money

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Offsetting some or all of your electricity use at a factory or small business with solar reduces electric bills from day one. Plus, solar panel systems operate effectively for over 30 years, and once your business makes back the upfront investment for their system, you can generate free electricity from their panel system for many

Incentives for commercial solar installations

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There are multiple rebates and incentives available for commercial solar installations. In addition to the investment tax credit (ITC) that allows for the deduction of 22 percent of the cost of the solar energy system from federal taxes, commercial property owners can write off the value of their solar installation through the Modified Accelerated Cost

What does a commercial or industrial solar installation look like?

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The solar panels used in commercial and industrial-scale installations are oftentimes larger than residential panels. Large-scale commercial solar installations usually use 96-cell or greater solar panels, meaning each panel is made of 96 or more individual solar photovoltaic cells. For comparison, a typical residential solar panel will have 60 or 72 cells. There are often

What is a commercial solar panel system?

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Most commercial and industrial solar installations are substantially larger than a typical residential solar panel system. For perspective, the average size of a residential solar panel system is around 8 kilowatts (kW), while a commercial solar energy system can be up to several megawatts (MW) in size, depending on the electricity needs of the facility.

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