NY is one of the highest electric cost in the country
Save money, save the environment, energy independence, increase property value, one less bill
There are so many benefits to going solar. The most obvious one would be savings. This is because NY has some of the highest electrical costs in the country. Wiping out this bill adds up to a savings of over 100k for the average Long Island/NYC resident. The environment is another excellent reason to consider transitioning your home to solar. A single residential system will offset the same amount of CO2 as 4,000 trees. Our ecosystem is very fragile due to the stress of so many people living in such a small area. These kinds of improvements ensure the air that we and our children breathe is healthy and free of pollutants. Today with programs such as the NY Sun on-bill recovery program, homeowners have an opportunity to make the transition with no upfront cost to them. Speaking with a specialist and having your home reviewed is the only way to find out if your home is a good candidate for the program.